Benefits of Outsourcing

Higher productivity & efficiency
When you outsource your business processes to us, you enjoy increased efficiency and greater productivity in your business. Our experienced team brings years of expertise across platforms and delivers much better results than you ever would get from inexperienced fresh graduates that you hire. Our delivery is quicker, more professional and accurate and this leads to greater savings for your company.


Frees you to focus on real business
When we help you with payroll processing, HR or finance and accounting outsourcing, you can concentrate on marketing, R&D, strategic partnerships and customer service. These are the activities that grow your business! Every business has limited resources such as time, physical space and people. Outsourcing can help you focus on the core priorities of the business while leaving the non-core priorities to the people who can help you the most.

Save on technology and licensing
Save on software, licensing and hardware when you outsource your business processes to us. One reason for outsourcing is to reduce software costs. To fully enjoy the benefits of outsourcing, you’d be asked to migrate your data to our software platforms. This way, you don’t need to maintain core applications at your business site other than support applications (such as time and attendance system). Our applications can integrate and process data received from your support applications.

Eliminate need to re-hire or re-train people
When you work with our team of experts, you know you get the job done faster and the return quality is exceptional. Your costs are lower – you don’t have to hire or train people. Hiring and training staff for short-term projects can be very expensive, and temporary employees don’t always live up to your expectations. Outsourcing lets you have access to quality human resources where you need them most.

Ability to start new projects quickly
When you outsource, you always have immediate access to the right people, technology and knowledge to help you. When you outsource to us, we always put our best people to work on your projects immediately. You don’t need to take months to hire and train anyone or invest in costly hardware and software. Your project can start quickly which means you get to accept more customers too!

Gives you capabilities like the big boys
If you’re an SME, you don’t have the resources of large companies. Yet you don’t have to lose out because when you outsource your HR, payroll or finance needs, you enjoy the same efficiency and expertise that large companies enjoy!

SMEs and multinationals outsource their payroll processing, finance and accounting, HR and many other important functions because they don’t have the right expertise or they want to reduce costs.

Reduce risk
The SME growth environment is always full of risk and challenges. You face market challenges, competitors, government policies and even technological challenges. When you outsource, the risk is on us! We help you manage this risk so you can move ahead quickly!

Contact us for a discussion. Grow your business without worrying about payroll processing, HR administration, accounting or finance!

How To Obtain Tax Invoices From Airlines To Claim GST


Airlines in Malaysia provide various options to domestic business travellers to manage their GST tax invoices.  A tax invoice is required for the travellers’ company to claim GST input tax. Without claiming the input tax, the 6% GST becomes an incremental expense for the company.

Air Asia

Among local airlines, Air Asia provides the most convenient support to travellers on tax invoice management.  In addition to the usual option of entering company details for tax invoice purposes at Payment page when doing online booking (the link is below Contact Details section) it allows:

  • Retrospective update of company details in case they were not entered during online booking.  This can be done for itineraries booked but traveling not yet completed:
    • Login to Air Asia account;
    • At left panel, select Flight Bookings > Manage My Bookings;
    • Select Modify for the flight itinerary to be updated;
    • At the top panel, select Update Details > Traveller Details;
    • Below Emergency Contact Information, there is a section to update Company Details.


Air Asia’s resources and FAQ on GST are here.

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines has the usual option of entering company details for tax invoice purposes at the Purchase page when booking online.  This option is below credit card Billing Information section and is indicated with header Enter Business/ Company Name and Address for Issuance of Tax Invoice.

However, please take note Malaysia Airlines does not have a retrospective option of allowing a traveller to go back to update company details once bookings are completed.  Therefore, please do the needful at the point of booking!

To retrospectively obtain a tax invoice, the traveller will need to contact the call center, fill in a form, email to Malaysia Airlines and they will process the request and email back to the traveller.

Malaysia Airlines’ resources and FAQ on GST are here.


Firefly Airlines, although is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines, offers more flexibility for travellers on GST tax invoices.  The usual company details update is available during booking process at Contact page, under Contact Details with an option to select Business for updating of company details.

In case a traveller have forgotten to update them during booking, there is still an option to do this later:

  • Login to Firefly account;
  • From the left panel, select Manage Booking;
  • Select the itinerary that you want to update and click View;
  • At the left panel, under Change Booking, select Change Contact;
  • Click Business to update company details, and save the changes.

To generate and print a Tax Invoice from Firefly, go to the dedicated URL

Firefly Airlines’ resources and FAQ on GST are here.

Malindo Air

Malindo Air scores the lowest in GST support in my opinion.  Self-service options to update company details and to generate a tax invoice do not exist.  In order to obtain a tax invoice from Malindo Air, a traveler needs to email [email protected] with the following details and attach a copy of Malindo Air ticket and copy of GST registration form of the traveler’s company:

1) Customer Name / Company Name

2) Contact person

3) Mobile phone number

4) Phone Number

5) Fax Number

6) Address

7) Email Add

8) GST ID Number

9) Company Reg No

According to its customer care, invoice will be issued within 7 working days from the date of request.   Malindo Air’s resources and FAQ on GST are here.