Client Reviews

Finance Expertise Spurs Business Growth

Having a trusted and actively engaged finance partner is very crucial to support our growth strategy. Synergy 101 is an ideal candidate for this role and is well positioned as our finance spokesperson. The leadership team and its talent possess core technical competencies with relevant certifications.

Since our inception, Synergy 101 has been instrumental in developing our finance back office process and policies. Our business leaders can completely focus on business critical priorities while finance and accounting agenda like receivables, payables, reporting and analytics and cash flow management are under good control.

As our group of companies grow, financial reporting requirements become more complex with elements such as line of business reporting, cost center allocation, sales incentive calculation and forecast roll up. Synergy 101’s team have been very resourceful in developing and deploying support for these new areas while ensuring the “bread and butter” baseline finance operations are diligently managed.

Choo Wai Heng
Managing Director
Dream Catcher Consulting Sdn. Bhd
September 2015

Payroll Processing In Capable Hands

Before we started working with Synergy 101, our payroll structure was a hybrid of in-house and outsourced support across different plants. Consolidation and reporting were never easy and having a service provider located outside of Penang at that time added complexities to our payroll management.

Synergy 101 offered a suite of solutions to us such as migration of payroll from existing vendor and in-house to the Synergy 101 team and commissioning of automated time and attendance systems (hardware and software).

What’s equally commendable is that while Synergy 101’s core competencies was in services, its team demonstrated seamless collaboration with the hardware partner (that supplied time and attendance systems) throughout the deployment. Every implementation milestone was achieved even though we had tight deadlines.

Au Chee Meng
Director of Human Resources
Amphenol TCS Penang
April 2014

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