Payroll Processing & HR Outsourcing

We offer payroll processing and HR administration services on an outsourced basis to SMEs, multinational corporations and startups in Penang.

Payroll Processing Outsourcing

Payroll Management means we are responsible for all your payroll processing needs. We become your single point of contact on payroll processing matters, helping you manage manual and time-consuming tasks associated with payroll management.

Here are the 3 critical areas that we manage and process on your behalf under payroll management.

  • Input data verification (employee details, benefits and incentives, time and attendance)
  • Calculation and processing
  • Output data verification
  • Submit pay register for client’s approval
  • Payout to employees’ bank account
  • Payslip distribution, or upload to web portal as electronic payslip
  • Statutory submission and reporting
Management Reporting
  • Pay register and bank listing
  • Cost center reports
  • Statutory reports
Outsourced Payroll solutions offer you these benefits:
  • Your employee administration will go paperless with our online e-Leave and e-Payslip self-service features. Our easy-to-use web interface is secure so that all data is managed and stored safely.
  • Time attendance is captured accurately using biometric fingerprint scanning. Get data easily through reports, attendance monitoring and more allowing you to oversee your workforce effectively.
  • Our payroll software is statutory compliant with Inland Revenue of Malaysia (IRB) & Malaysian Labour Law requirements.

HR Administration Outsourcing

Besides payroll processing, we also offer you these outsourced HR services.

  • Staffing services
  • Staffing administration
  • Employee relations
  • Compensation & benefits administration

With strong domain knowledge, we also provide consultancy and advisory services in areas of compensation and benefits, and employee and industrial relations.  We engage regularly with statutory bodies such as Employees Provident Funds (EPF), Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) and Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), just to name a few.

When you outsource your payroll processing and HR administration needs to us, you don’t have to worry about setting up a HR department within the company. You can focus your energy on more important business growth activities such as marketing and R&D.

Our payroll processing & HR services help you save time and get work done more efficiently! Contact us for a discussion today.
Outsourcing Advantages
  • Higher productivity & efficiency
  • Frees you to focus on real business
  • Save on technology and licensing
  • Eliminate need to re-hire or re-train people
  • Ability to start new projects quickly
  • Gives you capabilities like the big boys
  • Reduce risk